The Land of Here

Currently enjoying the Grand Rapids area and getting excited for the opening of The Land of Here and Now tonight at the Kendall College of Art and Design. This show is a collection of all the artists who have participated in the Shared Space art residency over the past 5 years.

The show looks amazing and i am so excited to be included in a group of such astounding talent. 





Setting up my home studio!

What an exciting adventure. So many little things to think about. I needed to be able to have more access to my pottery as they are drying and getting a wheel of my own seemed to be the only way. There are still a few crucial elements that are missing still. but all in good time! 

Shared Space Studio wrote about my visit!

check out their website to see cool pictures and read about the other amazing artist!


Resident Artist, July 18 - August 1 2014

Drawing inspiration from the natural world and the impact of the Human Experience upon that world, Amanda creates sculptures, collages, interactive installations, and vessels.  As soon as Amanda arrived, she set up her studio outside, with a wheel and one-hundred pounds of clay, and began throwing pots.  She had a plan to put on a dinner party event, where each guest took home a handmade bowl.  She taught the rest of the residents how to throw and glaze pots, and with planning and contributions by everyone at the studio, put on A Pleasant Evening.  This event was a space for conversation between strangers, and a showcase of our resident artists’ talents.  Amanda finished thirty bowls to serve the guests, and she made the cornbread and soup to fill them.  She also made sure that almost all ingredients at the dinner were sourced from local farmers, most of whom she met at the Pentwater Farmers Market."



I just took a whole bunch of goodies out of the kiln! I am so excited for the next batch!!


Blue Thunder Circle ART LAB residency 2012

Driving through the desert landscape of southern Utah during summer monsoon season was an amazing way to begin my adventures of creating work at Blue Thunder Circle ART LAB

I am grateful to have spent 18 days, collecting and creating in the high mountain desert town of Gunnison, Colorado.  I was inspired by the dramatic landscape of the Rockies, the squat burly sage brush and the resourceful, graceful magpies. Blue Thunder Circle studio was an amazing place to get away from the distractions of my city life and focus on making work.

Somniare Domum or in English, "Dreaming Home", was created while considering what it is we mean when we call a place home. What symbols and objects represent home to us?  What materials are effected by our human way of creating home spaces.

Thank you so much to everyone for hosting me and helping me make everything happen!

The B.T.C. ARTLAB, Gunnison CO

work in progress